The History of Capt. Giovanni Gaggino

Giovanni Gaggino (Varazze, 1846 - Garioch, 1918) was a ship owner, captain and aphorist Italian

Avid traveler and chronicler of the era, in 1879 he traveled to China and Siberia, reaching what he considered the new San Francisco, the Russian city of Vladivostok. His knowledge of Malaysia, reached by him for 3 times, and the neighboring areas enabled him to formulate a dictionary and a conversation manual Italian-Malaysian extreme rarity. In 1898, in one of his last trips, supported by an Australian engineer, John Gaggino ran through the valley of the Chinese river Yangtze Kiang.

Aphorisms by Giovanni Gaggino strong>

• The money held inactive serves no purpose, and enslaves its possessor.
• In companies where there is no risk, there can be no glory.
• Recognize your own ignorance, it is size.
• Savings is double gain.
• The currency is the international language.
• The need degrades, as the wealth puffed up, humiliates a good man is a rogue villain.
• Only the ignorant can be considered happy; for those who have kind heart and intellect awake, the evils that afflict humanity enough to make unhappy.

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